The McCormick House story is tied to Hayward's origins as a 19th century logging center in North America. In 1882, Robert Laird McCormick and his partners, A. J. Hayward and Frederic Weyerheueser, established the North Wisconsin Lumber Company in the wilds of Sawyer County. The city of Hayward was established, and in 1887 a home was built at the top of Kansas Avenue for the "Lord of the Namekagon", Robert Laird McCormick, and his family. The home was the first in Hayward to be fitted with the latest in modern comforts. The McCormick family furnished the home with European treasures typical of such family of wealth and standing. When it was built, the Chicago newspapers referred to the McCormick Home as a "palace" in the northern wilderness.

After Mr McCormick and his partners relocated their business to the virgin forests of Washington state, his home served as the residence for subsequent heads of the lumber company. The burning of the Hayward sawmill in 1922 saw the end of the logging industry as Messrs McCormick and Hayward had known. Hayward's fortunes would then turn towards tourism for the families of Chicago and Milwaukee seeking pleasure on the 500 lakes in the region. The McCormick home withstood the change as a symbol of Hayward's logging past. Now, almost 120 years on the McCormick family home is once again the jewel of Hayward.
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